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reorder point

Let’s continue with the manufacturer example and calculate the reorder point. Let’s say you sold 40 units of an item in March, 60 in April, and 46 in May. The order for the next batch of perfume should be placed when there are 2400 bottles left in your inventory. A reorder point (ROP) is a specific level at which your stock needs to be replenished. In other words, it tells you when to place an order so you won’t run out of stock. Meredith is a Content Marketing Specialist at ShipBob, where she writes articles, eGuides, and other resources to help growing ecommerce businesses master their logistics and fulfillment.

Automize your delivery process with Upper and get efficient routes for your multi-stop deliveries. Let Upper help you manage inventory levels with its route planning and optimization features. The vital strategy for successfully implementing a reorder is to execute it consistently. You can use a free calculator or manually use the reorder formula to replenish inventory and meet customer demand with finesse. If you avoid reordering products at the right time, your customers can reduce the potential revenue. Keeping the safety stock can also avoid increasing demand during the peak season.

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If you notice a change in sales velocity or lead time, it’s time to set new reorder points. Another reason reorder point can improve your company’s inventory control strategy? You won’t feel the need to “pad” orders with extra inventory once you calculate an item’s reorder point. After all, you know you’ve already baked safety stock and lead time into your reorder point. Reorder points help to ensure products and cash flow in the right direction, at the right time.

reorder point

Once again, the ROP formula is a mathematical method of finding the ideal time to reorder a product. While smaller businesses may get away with “guesstimating” when they need to reorder, it gets more and more difficult the larger the company grows. If you have at least one procurement cycle and one sales cycle worth of data, you can start using the reorder point formula to improve your inventory operations. The manufacturer should hold 132 safety stock units to avoid bottlenecks in production. Over those three months (or 92 days) that averages out to 1.5 units sold on average per day. The reorder point for replenishment of stock occurs when the level of inventory drops down to zero.

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“When you end up having a lot of inventory that you cannot sell to your customers, that’s costly because inventory is what you have paid for and your customers have not paid for yet. And if you have excessive inventory, you will have to do a couple of things. Uncovering the reorder point for a product can be done using a very simple formula.

The your vendor takes to supply the items, the more sales you’ll be losing. Setting a reorder point helps you optimize your inventory, replenish your stock of individual items at the right time, and meet your market demand without going out of stock. Safety stock is the amount of inventory a business holds to mitigate the risk of shortages or stockouts. The safety stock calculation is the difference between the maximum daily sales/usage and lead time, and the average daily usage and lead time.

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