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Yes, Seresto is manufactured by Elanco Animal Health. Elanco is one of the leading veterinary pharmaceutical companies in the world that specializes in animal health products. They manufacture a wide range of animal health medicines, including tick and flea medications like Seresto; pet nutrition products; and diagnostic tests to help veterinarians treat their patients. The company also owns several research facilities around the world and uses artificial intelligence technology to develop innovative therapies for companion animals, livestock, aquaculture species, and laboratory organisms.


The main active ingredients in Seresto, made by Elanco, are imidacloprid and flumethrin. Imidacloprid is an insecticide and acaricide that works by paralyzing and killing parasites, while flumethrin is an insecticide that targets fleas and ticks. Together, these two ingredients work to protect your pet from a wide range of parasite-borne diseases. Additionally, Seresto also contains propylene glycol, which has been approved for use by the FDA in animal products as a form of skin moisturizer.

The active ingredient imidacloprid has been used in other flea/tick collars on the market since the late 1990s and has proven effective at killing both adult fleas and their eggs as well as ticks. Flumethrin has been shown to be safe when used according to directions. Both ingredients have very low toxicity levels for mammals generally considered not to pose any significant health risks to humans or animals when used properly.

Manufacturing Process

The process for manufacturing Seresto, an insect collar produced by Elanco, is made up of a few key steps. First, a base polymer is combined with the active ingredient deltamethrin. This material is then fed into a thermoforming machine where it is heated and molded into the correct shape. Once this step is complete, the insect collar goes through a series of quality checks and tests to ensure that it meets all product standards before being shipped to its destination.

Once all of these steps are complete, Elanco further inspects each individual product before labeling it as “Seresto” and shipping it out to customers. Each step of the manufacturing process — from forming the base material to packaging and shipping — is done with care and accuracy to create one of Elanco’s most popular products!

Regulatory Approval

Regulatory approval is absolutely essential when it comes to a product like Seresto. The safety and efficacy of these products must be tested by the appropriate regulatory agencies before they can be sold. When it comes to determining whether Elanco is the manufacturer of Seresto, you must look to the regulatory approval documents for your answer.

The United States EPA has reviewed and approved Elanco’s application for registration of Seresto flea and tick collars for pets. This approval includes a full assessment of the product’s active ingredients, labeling, human and animal health concerns, environmental impact, and other pertinent information. It also confirms that Elanco is the manufacturer of this product.

In addition to approval from the US EPA, Seresto has also undergone extensive review by other regulatory authorities in other countries including Canada, Europe and Australia. While Elanco has not been specifically listed as the manufacturer in these approvals, they have conducted extensive testing and submitted all necessary data required for review by these organizations.


Seresto flea and tick collar is made by Elanco, a leading animal health company that ensures the highest quality products by following stringent manufacturing processes and meeting regulatory requirements.

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